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Angie Villa
a week ago

This place is AMAZING!! They have every perfume you can think of. They can also customize your own scent and name it for you. Yet, the gal here named Wendy is ONE OF THE BEST Sales Rep I have ever encountered. Her attention to detail and the patience she posses is God sent. She will get to know you by the notes you like and introduce you to ones that you might like and then introduce you to new ones you never have smelled before. She’s beyond Amazing!! Definitely my new store from now on. By the way all you who see the famous perfumes on TikTok and wonder what they smell like! Well say less and just come here and smell them on your skin and avoid buying fake and water down versions. Here you will get the authentic and mixes just for you. You are all welcome in advance 😉 Here’s is My Very Own Mix

Fernando Camacho Lombera

Very fun and chill experience! Can’t wait to use up my bottle and come back and make another, very thankful I don’t have to buy other colognes now 🙌 Gatekeeper’s dream

3 months ago

I never been inside a perfume shop before and decided to try them out. This perfume shop is beautiful and clean on the inside. I was stunned. They also have lots of different scents to choose from! The people there are nice and helped me create a perfume I really like. If you want a long lasting perfume but don't want to spend a lot of money, go check it out!

Crystal Bumpas
in the last week

Absolutely stunning store. It smells so beautiful when you walk in the door. I created a gorgeous scent I named Enchanted

Susan A
2 weeks ago

If you’re looking for a unique experience, you should definitely try this out! Our experience was absolutely wonderful with Attyah. He asked us many questions to what notes we liked, smelling different oils, and started mixing and testing different oils until we were able to create 2 wonderful smelling perfumes. Our experience couldn’t have been more perfect. Attyah was so kind and so patient with us and had so much knowledge about different scents. I will be returning to create more!

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